Monday, February 1, 2010

packing my bag

Thanks to the folks at CSN Stores, I was given a chance to select and review a product of my choice. Fashion always comes first for me, but I do have a practical side, so I decided to go with this cute-yet-functional Ricardo Beverly Hills Super Tote. I finally got to put it to use this weekend when I needed to haul some stuff to Eric's house.
Here it is, sitting on my couch, waiting to be filled with stuff:

And fill it with stuff I did. The bag's major selling point is that you can basically pack your whole life in it--and there are so many nooks and compartments, you won't have a hard time locating your hairbrush or cell phone when you need it. I packed a change of clothes and some toiletries in the large center compartment:


And the two outer compartments are just begging to be stuffed with books, magazines or a laptop, which I did:


There's also some small zipper compartments on the sides that I stuck my various chargers in. 
One downside: I'd like it if the handles were a bit longer, because once you head out with this thing, it can get a little awkward to carry--especially if you jam pack it like I did. If it were easier to throw it over the shoulder, it would be pretty much perfect.
Overall, I really like the bag and will definitely use it for short trips that don't call for a big suitcase. I can see mothers with young kids getting a lot of mileage out of this thing too, cause it's so easy to grab your necessities out of the many zipper compartments. Any bag that makes me feel not crazy for needing five magazines and two novels on my person at all times gets an A+ from me!

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