Thursday, January 28, 2010

adventures in confusing fashion trends

It seems like every year around this time, when the spring fashion trend predictions start rolling in, we're told "lingerie as actual clothing" is the latest and greatest look to work into your wardrobe. Sure, all ladies have some pretty underthings, but most of us wouldn't dream of leaving the house with these pieces visible (at least not on purpose!). So how to work this trend in a way that doesn't scream "call girl" or "exotic dancer" or call to mind this look from Marc Jacob's spring 2010 runway?

While browsing at H&M today (what else is new?), I spotted a rack of the Sonia Rykiel lingerie line at a serious discount. A corset that I thought could reasonably double as a lacy tank top was marked down to $15 and it was calling my name. Into the fitting room I went.

One problem! How in the name of all that is fashionable are you supposed to handle all the clasps on the back of a corset? I counted about twenty tiny metal hooks, and my short arms could not reach around to secure them all into place. So the adorable top stayed at H&M, and I left wondering how this spring staple would ever find its way into my closet.
Later, I browsed around the Internet for a bit, searching for a practical, not overly revealing lingere-esque top and didn't really have a whole lot of luck. However, I DID find a solution to the whole corset clasp conundrum: ZIPPERS!


Urban Outfitters carries this lovely floral bustier (kind of what I had in mind, but I'm searching for something a little more romantic and a little less 90s-revival) that has a zipper to close it up. What a novel idea. So, here's my challenge to anyone reading this: where can I find a reasonably cheap, pretty, corset-like top that has a zipper, and not a gazillion metal clasps? If you ever see one, don't buy it for yourself--send it to me.

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