Wednesday, January 6, 2010

experimenting with floral patterns

I've never been huge on prints--I'm not sure why I shy away from them. But alas, with a little extra Christmas money in my pocket and some post-holiday sales in the shops, I got a floral skirt from the Urban Outfitters sale rack to experiment with (note: I realize the skirt looks better on the model and it's cheaper in stores than online!).  My sister predicts florals will be huge in spring 2010 (you don't say!), so I took some fashion cues from her and paired them with my Olsenboye combat boots for a little 90s throwback ensemble.
This is my first-ever outfit post. I don't know how often I'll do these, but I figured I could experiment with my new camera at least. Lord knows I need the practice--I'm an awful photographer.


  1. number one: do not mock my amateur fashion predictions, especially when you indulge in them yourself!

    number two: you're right, you do need practice with your camera, cause you cut off your toes.

    number three: that's a really pretty skirt : )

  2. hahaha, i know, i took like a million pictures and this was the best one even though my toes were missing.