Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bits and pieces

Here's a few links to keep you kids busy, should you be so inclined.
I want to post an analysis of V's size issue, since so much has been made of it in the fashion world, but that would first require me to, you know, get my hands on a copy. And since Philadelphia Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores seem to be a step behind, I'm going to have to wait. But in the meantime...

-Mary-Kate and Ashley's line The Row will show at New York Fashion Week in February. This will mark the first time the twins have presented an actual runway show. Excitement!

-Alexa Chung found herself another job since It's On with Alexa Chung got the can. She's going to design a line at Madewell, J.Crew's trendy cousin. Expect lots of torn jeans and Peter Pan collars!

-Target's next designer collaborations look really promising! If you haven't already checked out Jean Paul Gaultier and Zac Posen's respective lookbooks--do so immediately!

More to come soon!

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