Monday, February 8, 2010

rodarte for vancouver

Sometimes, the stars align and two things you love dearly join forces and the results are amazing in ways you couldn't have ever predicted. Like Lady Gaga and Beyonce.  Or chocolate and peanut butter. Or Forever 21 and my clothing budget.
Added to the list: figure skating and the Rodarte sisters. Yes, you read that right. Fresh off the success of their diffusion line with Target, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind Rodarte, designed outfits for a select few Olympians in a New York Times Style Magazine photo shoot. The most notable outfit was the one donned by Johnny Weir, the ice dancer who freaking skated to "Poker Face" dressed like Edward Scissorhands. I imagine he'd be a little chilly wearing this outfit on the ice, but it's fabulous nonetheless:

In addition to providing ice skaters with something a little more Vogue-worthy than short, sassy skirts and sparkly unitards, they also outfitted freestyle skier Jeret Peterson in this stylish sweater:


Check out the magazine for more shots from the editorial--they're pretty great. Meanwhile, I'll be practicing my triple axel, since it now seems to be a reasonable way to ensure some Rodarte in my future. 

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