Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time to buy a trench coat

After drooling over Burberry Prorsum outwear the other day, I became obsessed with the idea of getting a trench coat for the spring. Luckily, trenches seem to be one of the leading trends for spring, so there is no shortage of adorable, reasonably priced coats choose from right now. Since I shop at the same five stores every day (and I think you can all guess what they are by now), my choices come from the places I frequent the most. But whether you shop at Saks or H&M, I have no doubt the perfect trench is out there waiting for you.

Can we all take a moment and applaud Forever 21 for the awesomeness of these trench coats? Just look at them! There's one trimmed with a checked pattern, a more traditional one with ruffles and a floral trench. And they're all under $50.

The above trenches are from Target, and they certainly aren't the only ones the super store has to offer. On the right is a playful pink trench that's $49.99. On the right is a trench from Jean Paul Gaultier's upcoming line at Target, available March 7. I have a feeling that trench will be one of the most in-demand items from the collection.

And, finally, because Urban Outfitters can't say no to a trend, we have the BDG Twill Trench, the most expensive at $98. But good trench coats should last forever, and this is one trend that will likely never go out of style.

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