Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three confusing spring fashion trends and how to wear them

Like I mentioned yesterday, spring really is just around the corner, and malls are stocking their shelves with floral dresses and skirts, bathing suits and shorts. But with the beginning of each season comes a host of new trends that can be mind-boggling and difficult to pull off. These trends usually trickle down from the spring runways, which we first saw back in September. It's always fun to pontificate which wacky clothes will get knocked off at the likes of H&M and Forever 21, and now we finally get to find out. Of course, we're not all fashion models who can easily pull off sky-high heels, bare midriffs and ruffles galore. So how do we translate these high-fashion looks to reality? Let's see.

Trend #1: Clogs

Seen on: Chanel's spring hoe-down themed runway


Can we do this in real life? Probably. When I first saw these clogs on the runway, I had instant flashbacks to a pair of grotesque Candie's clogs I owned in middle school, and I definitely don't want to pull them out of retirement. The beauty of style is that it's open for interpretation, so I'd recommend seeking out some slightly less extreme clog-like shoes with studs and chains that make the look more modern. 

1. Steve Madden; 2. Target; 3. Steve Madden; 4.

Trend #2: Peplum skirts and dresses

Seen on: Several spring runways, most notably Victoria Beckham

Can we do this in real life? Sure! But remember a few guidelines. Any time you have a piece of fabric flaring out from your waist, you risk looking a little wide in the hips. I learned this lesson the hard way in a Forever 21 fitting room. If you want to rock the look in a way that's flattering, stick with dark colors and stay away from crazy patterns. If you're really hesitant, choose a skirt or dress with a top layer that extends beyond the hips. 

1. Wet Seal; 2. Forever 21; 3. Aqua

Trend #3: Crop Tops

Seen on: Erin Wasson for RVCA

Can we do this in real life? Kind of. Unless you've been doing major ab workouts, my guess is that you don't want to strut around town in a crop top. However, there is a way to pull this trend off in a modest way if you wear a crop with a pair of high-waisted paints or skirt. Your belly won't be exposed, but you still get the drape-y effect of Erin Wasson's top, above. Make sure the top is loose-fitting, and you could even wear it over a slim tank top for a cool layered look. 

1. Forever 21; 2. ASOS; 3. Forever 21; 4. Urban Outfitters; 5. American Apparel

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