Thursday, March 18, 2010

meg white: unsung fashion hero

I just watched The White Stripes' new live DVD Under Great White Northern Lights. For those of you not in the know, the 92-minute film follows the band on their tour of Canada, where they play a show in every province and territory in the country. The DVD is most satisfying for die-hard fans, since it doesn't really reveal anything new about the band. But since this is a style blog, I'll talk about one thing I re-realized upon watching: Meg White doesn't get enough credit for her fashion sense.
One thing Jack White talks a lot about in the film is his desire to make playing music as difficult as possible for him. He believes that by limiting himself (playing old instruments, having only two band members, never using a set list), he challenges himself to be as creative as possible. In a world of limitless choices, I think The White Stripes' mission statement is as relevant as ever. From an aesthetic viewpoint, Meg and Jack always look interesting and stylish even though they only wear three colors. How do they, and specifically, how does Meg, pull this off? Like Jack implies, having only three colors to choose from forces her to be imaginative when constructing an outfit. Let's take a look:

She wears hats: I'm a firm believer in hats. I think they can totally make (or break) an outfit. And when you're choosing from only red, white and black, plenty of hats can make an outfit more interesting. I can't think of anything more adorable than a red or black beret, which Meg has worn plenty of times.

She accessorizes with scarves: When your wardrobe contains a lot of plain white t-shirts, scarves can keep your outfit from getting boring. I love Meg's polka-dotted scarf here.

When in doubt, wear hot pants: I couldn't have been more surprised to see this picture of Meg wearing little red shorts at a show. But maybe when it's hot outside and you're sick of wearing red, black or white skinny jeans, you have to break out the mini shorts.

She cleans up nice! Whenever Meg has attended a red carpet event with Jack, she always looks darling and put-together. Thankfully, her color palate allows little black dresses, and she gets creative with a fuzzy white bolero-type thing.

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