Monday, October 12, 2009

Stylish Guy: Davey Havok

Every so often, I have to recognize extremely stylish men on this blog. Thanks to an idea given to me by Eric and Joe, I decided to speak briefly on the style icon that is A.F.I.'s Davey Havok.
I saw A.F.I. in New Jersey this past weekend, and I have to say, part of me was just as excited to see what the man would wear as I was to hear him sing. His aesthetic for their latest album, Crash Love, is shall we say, more manly than I'm used to, but he's still looking glam and sparkly as evidenced from these photos I discovered on the web.
First of all, there's lots of pink, which is always a challenge for men to pull off.
Pink pants. (photo:

Pink shirt with suspenders! (photo:

And my personal favorite, pink sparkly shoes. I want these! (photo:

At the show, there was no pink to be found on stage, but there was plenty of sparkle. Davey emerged from backstage practically glowing from the combined shiny-ness of his suit, shoes and well-coiffed hair. Since I don't have a camera and am a terrible photographer anyway, I don't have any original pictures for you, but this is exactly what Davey was wearing Saturday night:
You can't fully appreciate just how awesome his suit was in this picture, but take my word for it. It looked even better when Davey was dancing around in it.
So, unfashionable fellas out there: I'm not asking you to deck yourself out like this gent, but Davey proves it can be done.

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