Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK, so I'm pretty embarrassed to admit this, but when I saw the new Candie's ad starring Britney Spears stalking a polo player, I paused the video--not to examine Brit's overly airbrushed face, but to admire the adorable shoes she's wearing. I owned a pair of Candie's clogs when I was about 12 or 13 and never thought I'd revisit the brand, but seriously, these shoes are cute! Aren't they? Or am I nuts?

The sad part is, when I tried to find the shoes somewhere, anywhere, I couldn't. They aren't on the Candie's site, aren't on Kohl's site (where the brand is sold). What do I do? Maybe they just haven't been released yet. I just have to hope that if I do get my hands on a pair, people don't say "Hey, aren't those the shoes from that creepy Britney Spears commercial?"

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