Thursday, July 9, 2009

juicy couture

I've definitely picked out a few favorites from the couture 09 collections so far. It seems that sheer, black and lingerie worn as legit clothes have been the trends so far.
(all images from

I didn't expect it, but one of my favorites was Armani Prive:

Dior was a standout:

Note to self: buy stockings like these in the fall! Obviously I can't afford the Dior, but I'll be on the lookout and keep you all posted.

Valentino kept the sheer thing going:

John Paul Gaultier's show was all over the place. I loved this:
And I feel bad that so many animals had to be sacrificed to make this happen:
Finally, my typically jaw-dropping favorite, Chanel, didn't deliver quite as strongly as I'd hoped. If you mosey over to, you can see the bothersome mini-trains Karl attached to many of the ensembles. I really could have done without them because they cluttered up some really nice pieces. But here's a standout classic Chanel for ya:
I have a roommate who I think will really be coveting those lacy tights. Maybe for Christmas!

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