Monday, August 10, 2009

killing it
It's far too hot to talk about fashion right now, but I had to share how incredible Leighton Meester looked at the Teen Choice Awards last night. It pretty much sums up everything I've been digging lately: black and white stripes, poufy things... uh, and anything featuring a cast member of Gossip Girl. I'm usually a little wary of bright shoes because I feel like it's a really lazy way to bring character to an outfit, but this dress already has a lot going for it and the shoes just take it to the next level. This was a much better Louis Vuitton effort than the mess she (awesomely!) wore to the Met gala, so she should be getting some major style points for this.
For those of you so inclined, the Teen Choice Awards air tonight at 8 p.m., so tune in if you're into watching Miley Cyrus pole dance.

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