Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rachel bilson: fashion hero, now fashion writer

It was widely reported today that Rachel Bilson, owner of one of the most coveted wardrobes on the planet, will be joining InStyle magazine to write her own column. Clearly this is one of the smartest moves a U.S. fashion magazine has made in a while. Bilson often makes the list of most fashionable celebs because not only does she always look chic at red carpet events, but photographs of her out and about show her looking effortlessly stylish and put together. Plus the girl is gorgeous, but looks as down-to-earth and approachable as your best girlfriend. In honor of Bilson's new gig, here are just a few of her shining style moments.

Just going out for some coffee:

Yikes, Rachel, don't look behind you, it's a major fashion faux pas!

The tights, the dress, the boots, the scarf--it all works:

Aww, remember when she dated Seth Cohen?

Zac Posen can certainly design a dress, but our girl Rachel brings this dress to another level by pairing it with a hat and red lips and nails:

I always have to hand it to ladies who can manage to look glamorous when the temperatures drop, and we know this former O.C.-er is used to the California sun:

I love that she never over-accessorizes. The earrings and bracelets keep this look from being too blah, but don't take any attention from the dress:

It doesn't hurt that Bilson has a pretty much perfect body though. Sigh.

Knee-length boots, scarf and Ray-Bans. The Bilson signature look:

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  1. the seth cohen picture doesn't show, of course :(