Thursday, April 16, 2009

on vogue

Yesterday I picked up Vogue's May 2009 issue, the one with the pull-out cover featuring fashion's current top models (no, neither Saliesha nor McKey graces the cover). I've only been reading Vogue sporadically lately because it just isn't doing anything for me.
How many times are they going to put Gwyneth on the cover? Snore.

I remember I used to pore over each issue, cover to cover, every month as recently as a few years ago. The fashion layouts were creative and interesting and the articles contained substance and at least attempted to tackle real issues.
Remember how
awesome this Sept. 06 cover was?

Now especially, Vogue is showing just how out of touch they are with the American middle class. This month, there's a downright insulting essay by former Village Voice editor Lynn Yaeger that details the poor New Yorker's struggle in realizing that she could no longer afford $900 sweaters after being laid off. Boo-hoo! The story wraps up with the author getting a nice paycheck from Vogue to write this very sob story. Turns out freelancing in NYC pays handsomely, because she could then re-purchase a vintage ring she had to return after losing her full-time job. Hooray! Vogue, please. Most likely, the wealthy readers you had before the economic downturn are still able to spend extravagantly and the not-so-wealthy readers who lost their jobs and faced real troubles like losing their house and car instead of vintage jewelry still aren't putting Vogue's recommendations on their shopping list. Just stay true to who you are and when the economy turns back around, you can go back to not feeling so guilty about it.

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