Sunday, November 29, 2009

combat boots

I'm excited to announce I have acquired a pair of combat boots from Mary-Kate and Ashley's new Olsenboye line from JCPenney. They arrived in the mail on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to wear them for the first time today. I've been wanting a pair of combat-like boots since the whole 90s grunge revival thing happened, but these MK&A boots have an added bonus. After staring at them for a little while, I concluded that they bare a striking (kind of) resemblance to the Ann Demeulemeester boots from winter 2008.
Similarities: they both come up to mid-calf and lace all the way up. Also, they both have a zipper on the side, sparing the wearer from lacing and unlacing the boots every time they need to come off or on. They also both have a seam on the rounded toe (very small detail) and a stacked heel.
Differences: the Ann Ds are made of fine Italian leather, while the MK&As are constructed from "synthetic materials" (better for the cows, I say). The MK&As only have a very small heel, while Ann's are known for the taller "talon" heel. Also, the Anns would cost me more than two month's rent, while my boots are currently on sale for $29.99.

OK, the comparison might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm in love with these boots, and the deal that's going on right now on JCPenney's web site is hard to pass up. It's almost Christmas--treat yourselves to some Olsen-approved fashion!

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  1. I'm debating on whether to buy a military style boots or those knee-high DocMartens. I love your boots. Now the question is the price. If your boots is cheaper than the DMs, then I'll definitely get it.

  2. Isn't JC Penny your favorite store?